Sunday, December 9, 2018

Types of MP3 Players

Types of MP3 Players

MP3 players are classified by how they store data. If you’re thinking of buying one for your favorite tunes, you shouldn’t just look into qualities like color and size. You also have to examine the types of storage that each model has, as they’re the most important aspects that determine the capacity and price. Below are some information on some of the most common types of MP3 players in the market today.

Flash Memory

Flash memory players are small in size and capacity. This type is for those who want to have just a few songs at a time (there are some models wherein you can expand the capacity by adding a memory card). Popular with people who love to run, exercise, and do other active hobbies, this memory has no moving parts inside, so you don’t have to worry about songs skipping in the middle of a workout or a bumpy ride.

Hard Drive

Hard drive memory has more storage, and is excellent for people who want to put their entire music library in one device. The downside of this, however, is it contains moving parts and is relatively larger than flash memory, so it is not suitable for doing activities like running or exercising. If you have a big music library (10GB or higher), this type will be good for your collection.


This is for those who need more than just music in their player. Multimedia players are some of the most high-tech MP3 technologies we have today. One example of this is Apple’s iPod Touch, which has camera/video features and allows the user to not just transfer music to the device, but also have the ability to conveniently make playlists, buy music online, have internet and radio, apps and games, and so on. Because of the many added components, this is one of the most expensive players out there, so you need to carefully evaluate if you’re really going to use all of the extra features.


These may be the least famous one in the list, but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who still use this type today. This isn’t the regular CD player that plays just one album–as the name suggests, these CD players accepts MP3-encoded files. You store albums in one CD/CD-RW (common size is 700MB), which fits about 10-12 albums–if you choose this type of player, make sure that you have a CD burner. Like the hard drive players, these are usually sensitive to movement, so it’s not really advisable for you to bring this in mobile/busy activities. This is the most affordable one on the list, that’s why there are still lots of people who prefer this over the newer ones.
Think about what you want out of your MP3 player before you make your purchase. Don’t think about the accessories you can add and the extra features you want to explore just yet–focus on the type first, and work your way up from there. This will be the home of your favorite songs, so make sure that you choose wisely!