Thursday, December 6, 2018

Travelling with Toddlers 2019

Travelling with Toddlers

                                         Travelling with Toddlers 2019
Taking children to new places is an excellent way to teach them about the ways of the world and immerse them in interesting ideas. This, however, could be very tricky–that’s why parents or guardians need to do extra planning and and have extra caution in order for the trip to go smoothly. Below are some questions that you should ask before and during your trip; a type of checklist (travel tips) that you should take note of. Here, we’ll be concentrating or toddlers, or children between the ages of 1 and 3.
1. Have I made a pre-trip doctor’s appointment? – Both you and your toddler should be checked by your family doctor before the trip–you need to make sure that you leave home healthy. Also see to it that you get the doctor’s/clinic’s number, so you can easily contact them in case of emergency.
2. Is the hotel child-friendly? – Before you book a hotel, check if they have kid-friendly facilities. This really depends on your needs–an extra bed? a playground? kid-friendly menu?–whatever your requirements are, the best way to make sure that you’ve got everything covered is to call or email the hotel before confirming the booking.
3. Have I child-proofed the room? – The work does not end with the booking. Once you get to your hotel room, make sure that you check your surroundings and look around for possible dangers–electric cords that they could easily reach, sharp items, fragile displays and furniture, and so on. Also, do not forget to ask reception for the location of the nearest fire exit or a map that shows all the fire exits in the building.
4. Do I have snacks ready? – Always have some light snacks with you everywhere you go to avoid complaints and tantrums in case your child gets hungry. Toddlers could get cranky when in need of food, so having nibbles in your bag to keep their bellies satisfied will go a long way (not to mention save you some cash–airport food is usually overpriced).
5. Do I have toys and activities? – Having that stuffed animal in your bag could easily save you from bad moods. Bringing a couple of small toys and activities (coloring books, puzzles) with you will keep them busy. If your trip will involve a lot of stops and waiting, having something to play with will allow your toddler to always be occupied. You can also bring books and read them stories, or bring some music and sing with them.
6. Do I have a safety/first-aid kit? – Make sure that your kit is well-equipped with meds, vitamins, and other safety items like bandages and antiseptics. Pack them neatly in a bag and always carry them with you wherever you go.
7. Are they dressed for travel? – Dress them up in easy-to-remove layers. This way, you won’t have problems dealing with different temperatures–something that could easily make them ill.
Once you’ve set up these things, you’ll be ready to embark on a stress-free trip with your toddler! Pack wisely, sit back, relax, and get ready to create wonderful memories!